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Company Background

18 Branch offices around the world, over 1000 employees

Forward was founded in the year of 1975 in Taiwan. At the first beginning, we sold Methamidophos from Taiwan to Thailand market. In the later 1970’s, we built a factory in Malaysia to make Paraquat.

In those days Research & Developmentwere very difficult, however we made it and sold our Paraquat to global markets including the Central and South American market. Our chairman of the board was known as Mr.Paraquat!

In 1995, Forward established a factory in China, toll formulating and repacking for the products of ICI (Zeneca).

Company History (1995 - 2006)

  • 1975

    Forward International Ltd has been found.

  • 1985

    Forward (Malaysia) has been found.

  • 1989

    Forward (Hong Kong) has been found.

    Forward (Thailand) has been found.

  • 1994

    Forward (China) has been found.

  • 1995

    Forward (Myanmar) has been found.

  • 1996

    Forward (Australia) has been founded.

  • 2008

    Forward (Shanghai) has been found.

  • 2011

    Forward (Japan) has been found.

    Forward (Mexico) has been found.

  • 2012

    Forward (Brazil) has been found.

    Forward (India) has been found.

  • 2013

    Forward (Indonesia) has been found.

    Forward (Bangladesh) has been found.

    Forward (Kenya) has been founded.

    Forward (Tanzania) has been founded.

    Forward (South Africa) has been founded.

  • 2014

    Forward (Guatemala) has been founded.

    Forward (Turkey) has been founded.

  • 2015

    Forward (Colombia) will be found.

    Forward (Iran) will be found.

Our Strengths

  • Our factory has registered 41 products in ICAMA.

    Besides our own products, we are a shareholderof many pesticide factories in China. As you know, we have many offices around the whole world; these branch offices have collected huge quantity of orders from the world market. Then, we became VIP customer to many pesticide factories in China and we could get very competitive price from our cooperative factories. And, that is why we are competitive on price.

  • We supply not only pesticideTC, formulation, but also, we have supplied many intermediates to Indian based tech factories.

    These factories then manufacture pesticide tech and sell to global markets. Relationships such as these provide valuable knowledge within intermediate markets. As a partner of Forward Australia, we can offer the right market information to all our clients and if required, we can assist in sourcing the intermediates from China of the highest quality.

  • We are also powerful on R&D, and we have our own lab in Shanghai.

    Our technology has been transferred not only to own factory, but also to our partner factories from which we could get the product at competitive price.

  • Laboratory

    Our laboratory,located in songjiang district, Shanghai, covers more than 1200square meters, and has three Agilent's HPLC and one GC with auto samplers and other related detecting instruments. We can determine the active ingredient content and physical-chemical property for both pesticides and fertilizers.

  • Quality Control

    We are not only pesticide expert, but also we have rich experience of almost 40 years. We have our own quality control and analysis system. All the ordered products from us will be checked quality again in our Shanghai Lab though it is already checked in own factory and own partner’s factory.

  • Social Responsibility

    Forward knows very well that we have only one earth to live on. Therefore, we are committed to the continuous development and updating of more environmentally-friendly agrochemical products. We never forget to love the earth and protect the environment.